How IHC is involved?

The Industries business includes boat building services, the outsourcing of business processes and manpower, the leasing of vehicles for companies, and strategic management services to client asset portfolios.


Workforce Connexion Holding (WFC Holding) is a group of business support companies specializing in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Manpower Outsourcing supply (MPO), serving clients with complete end-to-end support across multiple sectors and industries. WFC Holding has a number of entities under its umbrella, offering a variety of business and manpower services including: Workforce Connexion LLC; Integrated Business Centre LLC; Corporate Solutions Consultants LLC; and Multi Serve Typing Centre LLC.

EasyLease focuses on leasing many different brands of motorcycles to diverse industries. The company’s primary activity is leasing motorcycles to restaurants, delivery companies, courier companies, food aggregators and similar customers. The company also provides turnkey solutions to take the hassle out of leasing, while enabling business growth.

Among the leading physical asset management companies in the UAE and wider GCC, Eltizam Asset Management Group provides strategic management services to client asset portfolios, leveraging their expertise and that of their partners to the benefit of their customers that range from residents and owners, to tenants and end users.

FOOJ is a firefighting service provider that was founded in 2020. It is engaged in managing and operating firefighting stations and offering bespoke turnkey solutions in the provision of Emergency Response and Firefighting Services in the following domains: Aviation, Oil & Gas, Maritime, and Municipal.